Carving Songbird Ornaments with Power


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Carving Songbird Ornaments with Power

Frank C. Russell

Book Details
ISBN: 9780764331350
Size: 8 1/2″x11″
Illustrations: 132 color photos, 28 patterns
Pages: 80

Binding: Soft Cover
Book Description
Learn all the steps necessary to create unique carved wooden Christmas tree ornaments. 132 clear color photos illustrate every step for a songbird project and 23 additional patterns, ranging from an American Goldfinch to a Titmouse. Provide new and exciting challenges, including a unique method for attaching the finished songbird to a tree, wreath, or centerpiece. The text includes necessary references for feather parts, types, groupings, and texturing; eye setting or carving; he tools required to successfully complete these projects, and instruction for painting and sealing the completed ornament. Create heirloom decorative songbird ornaments that will pass down through future generations. This book brings challenges for novices and joy for experienced carvers.


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