Carving Cypress Knees


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Carving Cypress Knees: Creating Whimsical Characters from One of Nature’s Most Unique Woods
Authors: Carole Jean Boyd, Jack A. Williams
Pages: 96
Package: 1 Soft Cover
Size: 8.5″ X 11″
Discover the Unique Characters Hidden Inside the Strange and Wonderful World of Cypress Knees

Noted carvers and authors Carol Jean Boyd and Jack Williams bring you the ultimate resource for unlocking the whimsical characters and wood spirits from within one of nature’s most unique woods: cypress knees.

Cypress “knees” are the little stumps found in swamps of the southeastern United States that protrude from the water in varying shapes, sizes and colors, and have even been known for their excellent carving properties.

Inside Carving Cypress Knees you’ll find all the tips and techniques you need for success:

-An introduction of cypress knees, how to find them and how to “create” a knee from a basswood blank

-Guidance on design and composition-plus a full color gallery of completed carvings to give you inspiration

-Detailed step-by-step demonstrations on three projects, including a wood spirit, Santa’s face, and an elf or gnome

-8 pages of patterns for you to try-including an area inside the covers with “erasable blanks” for you to practice your designs before carving

-A useful Resource Directory helps you locate cypress knees, and all the tools you’ll need

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