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Bristle Magic is a cleaner and brush conditioner that cleans oil and acrylic paints from paintbrushes. You will love that even dried-on paints can be removed with Bristle Magic. Bristle Magic is a concentrated product . For oil painters, we recommend using Bristle Magic full strength. For acrylic painters, we recommend diluting with water to the strength needed, depending on how long your brushes have been left with paint on them. When mixed with water, Bristle Magic turns into a cream colored solution. That’s OK!

Now place your brush bristles in a glass container or PET plastic container (has 1 on bottom).

*do not use light plastic disposable cups-

Some artists like to have a screen on the bottom of container to work brush bristles gently and also to allow paint to settle out to bottom. A loofah, sponge or comb works great too to to help draw paint out of bristles. After cleaning your brushes with Bristle Magic, rinse well water and you are ready to go paint! For really hardened brushes, allow to soak overnight and work bristles occasionally to loosen paint.

Happy Painting!


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