Berna Carbon Beams 6-pcs. for Berna Clamps 8-in. long


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Carbon Beams 6-pcs. for Berna Clamps 8-in. long

Lightweight, strong 1/8-in. diameter beams for Berna Clamps made of carbon fiber.

Remarkably simple in design, Berna Assemblers components are made of technologically advanced materials used in the aircraft industry. The beams are made of high density carbon fibers, the jaws are made of polycarbonate, and the incredibly supple silicon buffers and stops give Berna Clamps a tactile flexibility and pressure sensitivity comparable to the human hand.

Berna Hobby Clamps weigh less than 1/2 ounce. Beams are 1/8-in. in diameter. They are ideal for small or fragile clamping projects where up to 11 lbs. of force is adequate. Developed in France by Dr. Berna, Berna Assemblers are distributed exclusively by Zona Tool Company.

Applications: model building, crafts, doll house furniture assembly, miniatures, small picture frame assembly, repair of porcelain and china, and many other uses!

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