Beginner Wood Carving Tool Set


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Includes Flexcut FR-310 Beginner Palm SetAll tools are professional grade and razor sharp ready to use.
This very popular set is great for those just getting started or those with more experience who like to carve smaller sized projects. The handle fits comfortably in the palm, allowing for good control close to your work. The five profiles can perform a variety of tasks and carve moderate detail.
Kevlar Carving Glove, Small, Medium or LargeGloves are ambidextrous, left or right hand same glove. Blue dots on both sides.Kevlar, the same DuPonte miracle fiber that makes police vests bullet-resistant, makes these gloves seven times more slash resistant than cotton gloves. They’ll give your hands greater protection against slashes and cuts. Heavy duty professional gloves, not hardware store quality. Look for the three black triangles with dot for quality.
Leather Thumb Guard, Medium or Large
Flexcut PW-12 Slip StropAn economical way of maintaining your tool’s razor edge. It has been specially molded to allow for polishing and deburring the hard-to-reach areas on the inside of the V-tools and gouges as well as the outside edge bevel.
Flexcut Kn-13 Carving Detail KnifeThe Detail Knife has a very fine point for making the very narrow cuts associated with detailing. Its straight 1-1/2″ blade can accommodate larger stock removal if needed.
Sold as a kit.


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