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Authorized Service, Repair Center (U.S.A.) for Automach. no English language markings. All info is in Japanese language.
Three to five day delivery from Japan.
Electric tools developed by Automach (patented) which peel off with high speed stuck object, fired object, adhered object, label, gold plating, among other things, without damaging base material.

Peeling and removal of paint, rust, gold plating, label.
Removal of stucked object, adhesive from engine, metal mold.
Burr removal from diecast parts, cutting or rounding of Aluminum fin.


Weight of only 800g and approx. 4cm dia. allows easy operation with a single hand, yet it has high peeling power.
Though it is compact light weight, it produces ultra-fast reciprocation of 12,000 vib./min. thus high speed peeling without damaging base material.
Easy handling of edges, corners to uneven surfaces, which will be difficult for large size peeler.

Options Photos of options are shown but not included with unit

Use of “Holder set” allows attachment of up to 40mm width steel blade, and also ceramic blade which is suitable for rust removal.
Change of head provides various functions – from carving tool with “Tip blade”, filing tool with “File head” to rotating tool with “Rotating head” (for HCT-30Z).


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