AUTOMACH Chisel Wise CH-80


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AUTOMACH Chisel Wise,Rough carving, shaving for carving large wood, loghouse, and others.
Authorized Service, Repair Center (U.S.A.) for Automach.

Holding 3 patents.
Included with the machine is the 60mm – 2 5/16″ gouge blade width allows carving of large wood in short time without extra force.
Light weight of 2.2kg enables to carve freely and easily.
Safe to use, since it does not reciprocate unless blade is pressed against the object.
Smooth and neat finishing by ultra high speed 12,000 vib./min. reciprocation, developed only by Automach.

Peeling of various paint from building’s outer wall, bridge etc.
(particularly suitable for elastic tile)
Peeling of firmly adhered plastic tile, carpet, wallpaper, spatter and others.
(also effective on stairs, corners)
Removal of stuck mortar, adhesives, rust, gasket.


High power peeler (patented) that peels off paint, floor board and others with high speed of 12,000 vib./min. and ultra-rapid reciprocation using 80mm width blade.
Smooth finishing without waviness and without damaging base material, due to extremely low vibration.
Produce no cutting dust, such as dust from disc grinder.
Easily operable on vertical surface and ceiling because it is light weight and designed with human engineering.


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