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Graphic colors for airbrushing murals, fades and graphics over a base color. Transparent Colors work well with smaller tip-sized airbrushes for finely detailed artwork.

Best applied over a base color or 4000 Series Sealer.

Works well with all tip-sized airbrushes. Transparent Colors lack solids present in other colors, making the Transparent Colors ideal for use with large & small tip-sized airbrushes as the viscosity is quickly lowered when reduced for proper atomization at lower PSI settings.

Over-reduce in greater amounts for use with airbrush tip sizes of 0.2mm and smaller.

Reduction can far exceed our recommendations without affecting the paints adhesion due to minimal amount of paint applied with a small tip-sized airbrush.

Mix with 4001 Sealer White to create a color-keyed sealer base for improved coverage of base color. Transparent Colors can be used as toners to other Auto Air Colors for custom blends.

Colors are translucent after curing.

Transparent Colors will cover over underlying images to some extent. For a completely transparent finish, use the 4600 Series Candies.

Transparent Colors can be used as base colors. Apply in multiple, light coats when doing so to avoid runs.

A deep finish is created when used as a base color due to colors hue shifting from light to dark over direct & side-views.

Mainly intended for use with an airbrush. Transparent Colors low viscosity may not be suited for use with larger spray guns.

Mini-Spray Gun: 0.8 – 1.0mm tip
Airbrush: All Sizes, reduce as needed
Reduce: Spray-gun: @ 5 – 10% per volume with 4011 Flash Reducer
Airbrush: @ 10 25% per volume with large tip-sizes and up to/greater than 100% per volume with small tip-sized airbrushes.


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