Airbrushing 101


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Airbrushing 101

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Too many people buy a new airbrush and compressor, and experience only failure and frustration. Airbrushing 101 presents a series of start-to-finish projects, each painted by a different artist, and each designed to introduce the reader to a different type of airbrushing.

Author Doug Mitchel and the artists in the book introduce the reader to a wide range of airbrushing categories, including: fine art/illustration, T-shirts, automotive, fingernails, body and face painting, hip hop and model painting.

Each photo sequence with captions is designed to teach beginning airbrush enthusiasts how to pick the best type of paint, mix it for use in the airbrush, adjust the brush itself and apply the paint to the panel, T-shirt, model car or child’s face.

Doug uses interviews to explore the way in which each artist learned his or her skills, what type of paint they prefer, how they adjust their airbrush, and how to avoid the typical beginner’s mistakes.

Like any other art form, skillful use of the airbrush is based on a series of simple strokes. Airbrushing 101 includes examples of the basic airbrush strokes and how each is achieved through the careful use of the airbrush trigger and precise hand movement. By mastering the basic skills, the budding airbrush artist can create a foundation for more sophisticated art.

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