Advanced Tattoo Art


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Advanced Tattoo Art
The art of the tattoo has emerged from the garage to the parlor, from the local bar to the boardroom. With interest in tattoos at a high point, the time is right for a detailed look at the art, and the artists, who create the elaborate designs.

Wolfgang Publications and Doug Mitchel take the reader inside the shops of ten well-known and very experienced artists spread across the country. Both a how-to book and a photo-intense look the world or tattoos, Advanced Tattoo Art includes interviews with the artists that explain not only how they do what they do, but their personal preference for materials and methods.

Detailed photo sequences follow each artist through a tattoo project. From customer concept, to sketch, outline, and the finished colorful design. The chapters document not only the techniques, but also the inks and tools used during each step of the process. Whether you’re learning the Art of Tattooing or just fascinated by the world of Tattoos, this 144 page,illustrated with over 400 color images, is sure to provide a wealth of information.

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