86 Cane Patterns for the Woodcarver


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86 Cane Patterns for the Woodcarver

Tom Wolfe

Book Details
ISBN: 0764303724
Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″
Illustrations: 86 patterns
Pages: 64

Binding: Soft Cover
Book Description
Forever fascinated by canes, the author has always collected them—he even has his grandma’s and grandpa’s walking sticks. And, as a professional woodcarver, he knows there’s a good market for them. Walking sticks come in three basic categories: the cane, which is a walking aid or a gentleman’s walking stick; the staff or hiking stick, which is head-high; and the chest-high quarterstaff, which Tom’s grandpa used to call a “thunk stick.” Each of these types is generously represented among the 86 patterns in this book. Their designs include everything from fish to dragons and birds to beavers. This is a valuable reference book for all carvers.


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