#108300-Elaine’s Crystal Cone 6 Grolleg Porcelain 50Lb Box


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#108300-Elaine’s Crystal Cone 6 Grolleg Porcelain 50Lb Box

This is #108300-ELAINE’S CRYSTAL CONE 6 imported English grolleg porcelain pottery clay. It is a Super Translucent moist clay body with Great plasticity! This porcelain is recommended for wheel throwing. Price shown is for a 50 lb box.
Temperature Range Cone 4-6
A high temperature Grolleg porcelain clay body. It has excellent plasticity for throwing and can be used for handbuilding as well. Exceptional purity and workability combined in one body.
Grog No
Color In Oxidation White
Color In Reduction Blue White
Shrinkage c/6/ox. 14.50%
Absorption c/6/ox. 0.00%

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Weight 50 lbs


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