Two Cherries Professional Carving Tools

Two Cherries Tools are still largely made the same way in which they were made decades ago and still produced in our factory in Remscheid Germany. The finest steel is used throughout the product line, and skilled craftsmen still work with diligence to bring you a tool that you will be proud to own and love to work with. Take care of these tools, your children and grandchildren will thank you. Two Cherries full-size carving tools are available in a variety of shapes, sweeps, and sizes. All Two Cherries full-size tools are fitted with appropriately sized octagon wood handles. FULL SIZED TOOLS ARE APPROX. 9 1/2″-11″ OVERALL LENGTH With HUNDREDS of different hand made carving tools available, we’ve organized this large selection into four general categories, as well as a selection of sets. Choose from straight edged tools, gouges in a variety of sweeps, V-tools and veiners, as well as specialty varieties such as fishtail, tyrolise, and macaroni styles.

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